Donald Ciolini, Class of 1966

Starting while a student at Farrell, Donald has given Farrell one of the most valuable gifts any school can receive: His time. He built and has maintained the school’s public address system for the past 45 years. Over that span, he has repaired, updated and gently “cajoled” it whenever it gets temperamental. He also installed the PA system used in the gym for all events, and has spent countless hours running wires and cables to bring sound and video to the classrooms. He continues to assist Brother Hannon in setting up speakers and cameras to various parts of the school so that WFBN-TV can be seen and heard.  He has also coordinated the clocks and bell schedule throughout the building.

Donald is never more than a phone call away whenever a problem occurs in any of these systems, and always responds with a smile to repair the glitches. Having been given a set of keys to the building years ago, Donald is often seen at all hours checking, fine tuning and tweaking all systems so they are in working order. By the way, Donald does all these things out of love for Farrell, and has never taken a penny for his time, effort and engineering skills.

Employed by the U.S. Army Electronics command, Ft. Monmouth from 1967-81, Don received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Drexel University, and an MSEE degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn in 1975. He has worked for AT & T Bell Telephone Laboratories, and was a lead engineer in the development of the first dialup modems to employ a digital signal processor.

He later was instrumental in helping form the basis for DSL service offered by telephone companies today. He also worked with Lucent Technologies to develop fiber optic service to homes with internet data services, used today for voice, data and TV packages associated with Verizon and FiOS.